Paul, Melanie, me, Michael

Tomorrow marks 22 years of marriage for me.  That’s a pretty long time. I must say I have a beautiful family to show for it.  A wonderful husband and two great kids.

What will Paul and I be doing and drinking on this wonderful occasion?  About two months ago my very good friend in the Bay area called to tell me she was getting married on October 9. (We will now share a wedding anniversary)  She said a private wedding but a party on the 10th for close friends and family.  Where else would I rather be on my anniversary than sipping wine in California Wine Country and going to a party the next day with close friends.  Plane reservations made, as you read this I am up in Napa/Sonoma enjoying time with my husband tasting California wine.

On October 9th we will be sharing the day with Russ Beebe aka The Winehiker, founder of California Wine Hikes hiking Napa Valley’s “The Palisades.”  Paul and I hike Mount Beacon and The Gunks here in the Hudson Valley, so when Russ asked me our level I said medium to tough.  This is what we are in for – October 9th Hike.  At least I know there is good wine at the end of the hike!  A big THANK YOU goes out to Russ for arranging the hike.  

We will end the day having a nice anniversary dinner at John Ash & Co.  Hopefully I’ll still be able to walk.