Peach and apricot are two flavors that at times dominate a Riesling.  This 2010 Whiteceliff Vineyards & Winery Riesling is one of those times.

On the nose I got aromas of stone fruit and sweetness.  How does one smell sweetness, I would define it as sweet ripe fruit.

Time to taste…peach is what stands out as the dominate flavor of this Riesling.  It was a little rough mid palate with a hint of apricot and a fizz on the finish.  The wine did have a touch of sweetness. At least enough for me to recognize that there was some residual sugar in the glass.  Yup 1.5% RS in this Riesling.  Most people might not be able to detect the RS, but I am very sensitive to sugar and can tell right away.

I know you shouldn’t compare vintages but I really like the 2009 Riesling better.