Whitecliff 2004 Cab Franc 

Boy the things I find in my wine cellar. Recently searching for a Hudson Valley Cabernet to drink on #Cabernet day I came across a 2004 Whitecliff Vineyards Cabernet Franc. Couldn’t have found a better wine to pair with the hanger steak.

When you find wine like that in your cellar you often wonder if it will still be good or if it’s past its peak.  Well I am happy to say this was at its peak.

On the bouquet was cherry, cigar and a hint of alcohol.  The taste: bright cherry giving way to black cherry, hint of cranberry and a white pepper finish.  It was a very well balanced wine.

I did have this with a cheese I picked up at the Arlington Farmers Market.  A Haseholm Caource Cheese from a new cheese vendor.  When this wine was tasted after eating this cheese, it brought out a maraschino cherry flavor to the wine.

Unfortunately I can’t say where you can get this wine, because I think I was the only one that still had a bottle.