What do you get when you mix the fruit Apple and Pear?  You get Pomona by Brookview Station Winery.   Pomona is a tree fruit wine crafted with Apples and Pears.  The fruit is pressed in the apple press and blended together and put in stainless steel tanks fermentation begins and you have an end result of an Semi-Sweet Apple-Pear Wine.

Note – it is the fruit that is blended together, not the wine.

As I tasted this wine, I got a strong flavor of pear with a hint of apple and a nice finish.  When I voiced to Karen that I tasted mostly pear, she told me I like dry wine.  I did not voice my preferences prior to tasting.  When I told her she was correct, she informed me that people who like dry wine taste the pear in the Pomona.  People who like sweet wine taste the Apple.

I challenge you to taste Brookview Station’s Pomona and tell me what fruit flavor stands out on your taste buds.