As you know, I have become a big fan of Traminette. I picked up this bottle of Applewood’s Traminette when I attended their Riesling Experience in May.

Unfortunately I don’t know what vintage this wine is because there was not date on the label.  I don’t want to assume (we all know what happens when we do that) but I would tend to think it’s a 08 or 09.

On the nose this wine had nice floral, jasmine and spice. As the wine warms up a bit the floral nose becomes distant and the spice is more pronounced.

The wine had flavors of green apple and lime with hint of spice on the finish.  As the wine opened up, the citrus became more forward and the white pepper in the spice came out on the finish.

This is a nice light bodied wine.  I believe it sells for $14.99 and is available in the Applewood Winery tasting room.