Candy Ass Red is a newly released wine from Glorie Farm Winery.  I have to say, I love the label!

The wine is made from mostly Concord grapes.  This is a first for me to taste a wine made with Concord.  The wine is a sexy red color, and as the sunlight came through the window the wine danced and sparkled in the glass. It put a smile on your face before you even had the first sip.

The nose was grapes. At first I thought there must be some Cayuga in this,  Cayuga to me is very grapey.  I would have never guessed the wine was made with Concord.    The taste – very sweet and grapey.  A  grape Jolly Rancher would describe this wine.  Good mouth feel.

For wine drinkers who like wine on the sweet side, you will enjoy this wine. I think it just might become the Hudson Valley’s Hot Tub Wine.

Candy Ass Red is available in the tasting room at Glorie Farm Winery and retails for $12.