Baco Noir isn’t a grape every one is familiar with. It’s a grape that is a hybrid made from the the famous Cognac grape Folle Blanche and the native American Vitis Riperia. A hearty and vigorous grape that is able to withstand cold temperatures (-20°̊F) the Baco Noir is planted extensively in the cooler winegrowing regions of North America. This grape grows well in the Hudson Valley. Only a few vineyards actually grow the grape.

I recently opened a Hudson Chatham 2007 Baco Noir Reserve from Casscles Vineyards. The color of this wine was a somewhat faded red. On the nose I first smelled alcohol, but as the wine opened, the alcohol dissipated and the aroma turned to an earthy note. I tasted the spice of black pepper, some dark fruit and prunes.

Baco Noir is one of the red hybrids I really enjoy.