It doesn’t happen often when I get invited to a winery to do some wine education but I take advantage any time I’m asked.  Michael & Yancey Migliore owners of Whitecliff Vineyards invited me and Paul over one Sunday afternoon for some barrel tasting of the 2011 vintage.

Notes from the tasting:

Traminette – Fabulous aroma and taste.  It’s tasting really good! Low in acid
Riesling – Hudson Valley Riesling – very good, nice nose, acidity and flavor.  The mix of Finger Lakes and Long Island, not as good. Low acid and fruit flavors weren’t there.
Vignoles from the Finger Lakes – good, citrusy. Vignoles from his vineyard was outside and unable to get to.
Petit Verdot – good as a blended grape, inky and plenty of tannins
Malbec – young and choppy, nice fruit and very aromatic.
Cab Franc – ok
Merlot – needs color
Cabernet Sauvignon – tasting good.