Flipping through my notes, I found my notes for this Seyval Blanc that I’ve been meaning to post.  I better do it before they release the 2011 vintage with hopefully a better label.

This wine is Estate grown and I’ve become a fan of Seyval Blancs. It’s a great white, especially for the summer.  I was a little disappointed in the label.  When I took the bottle out of the fridge and it hit the warmth of my kitchen, the ink ran.  Maybe this was done on their ink jet printer. I hope not and they take it up with their label printing company.

The wine had a beautiful fresh pear nose with essence of lemon rounding out the aroma. The flavors on the palate were tropical.  Crisp pineapple, kiwi and tropical fruit has you thinking of the beach.

The wine had .75 residual sugar which really complemented the acidity nicely.  It made the wine better balanced with a nice rounded mouth feel.

As the wine warmed up a bit it becomes softer and the citrus flavors become more apparent.  This is definitely a nice wine for summer sipping!