Last Friday was such a beautiful Spring day that I got out the Benmarl Rose I had purchased in November.  Yes, this Rose has been taking up space in my fridge all winter.  I was waiting for the right time to uncork it.  I have to be upfront with you, I am not a big Rose fan, but it’s beginning to grow on me.  That is why I say, you always have to keep an open mind and mouth.

This Rose was a beautiful salmon color and just sparkled in the daylight.  It is a blend of Cabernet Franc from the Hudson Valley and Finger Lakes along with some Merlot from Long Island.

The bouquet was crisp and clean with fruity watermelon, hint of floral and a little musty aroma hiding in the back.

On the palate I got strong orange peel mellowing away to cranberry. The mid palate was a strong citrus lime. There was a hint of dried mushroom hiding in the back of the wine with a quick finish.

This wine was very enjoyable and a wonderful way to welcome in spring.