It’s been a year since those devastating fires that swept through Napa and Sonoma. Tragic it was. I was out there shortly afterwards,in the beginning of November. Words can’t describe the devastation I saw. The only thing I knew I could do was help the tourism and the economy, so I went wine tasting and purchased quite a bit of wonderful wines before the conference I was attending began.

One charity that was created out of this tragic chain of events is Sonoma Family Meal. It first began to feed the first responders and victims of the fires. Today it is still feeding 80 families every week who are still struggling to recover from this disaster.

Entire neighborhoods were destroyed. Honestly, it looked like a bomb had gone off. I often ask myself, how do people recover from such devastation. After a year there are people still living in trailers or in their cars. Some are living in campers on the lots their homes once stood. Knowing they can get a good meal and sit down with their family is what Sonoma Family Meal is providing to these families.

One of my good friends Lisa Mattson was one of the many who was directly affected by the fire. I admire her courage and how she is sharing the rebuilding process not only of her house but of her life. Lisa is also author of the book The Exes in My Glass which is a memoir on her life through dating and the road she traveled into the wine industry to her dream job. (She is currently the Marketing Director at Jordan Winery) Lisa just released a new edition of her book with a bonus chapter and is donating 100% of the book sale proceeds to Sonoma Family Meal.

The Exes in My Glass will make you laugh and cry with Lisa. Some might even see a bit of yourself in her. Order the book for yourself or perhaps for a Holiday gift. Visit to order your copy. Know that through this purchase you will be helping a family that is still struggling since the fires.