Who ever thought choosing a bottle was going to be so difficult.  A wine bottle is a wine bottle. NOT!  There are many factors going into the bottle that we are looking for.  For starters, it has to be light weight.  I hate picking up a wine bottle and my arm gets a work out from the weight just by pouring.  I also get angry when I order wine and the shipping charge is so high because the bottle empty weighs 5 pounds.  Then there is the color, frosted, plain.

Next is the top/cap/closure/cork – whatever you want to call it.  We want this to be a fun beverage.  No worries and easy to access.  How many times have you gone somewhere and didn’t have a corkscrew.  Did we want a screw cap, a crown cap, what type of cap.  Well that brings us back to the bottle.  
Since our first blend is a Frizzante – can the bottle hold the 2 volumes of pressure, be light, and of course the wine has to look good in it!  Not to mention the game of dressing up the bottle. Sorry I can’t reveal any pictures of the clothes the bottle will be wearing (label etc..)  But let’s just say Harry and Patricia Kislevitz the creator of Colorforms would be very proud of us.
Good news / Bad news…We found the bottle we really, really like…it’s made in Italy…guess where everyone in Italy is during the month of August.  On vacation! They have the life.  No worries, we found a supplier in the good old US of A that has a bottle we love. We played dress up on it and wait until you see how wonderful she looks!