I had a great time this weekend at the Bounty of the Hudson Food and Wine Festival at Benmarl Winery. After the festival I headed out for vacation, but thought I’d send a note so you all didn’t think I disappeared.

Both days of the festival were wondeful. There was great food, wonderful produce and of course – award winning wines.

One wine that I really enjoyed was Clinton Vineyards Seyval. It was clean and crisp. An excellent selection on a hot summers day.

Another wine I enjoyed was Hudson-Chatham’s Dry Riesling. His Merlot won an award at the Hudson Valley Wine Competition and is wonderful! I actually have purchased a case, but on a hot day, I was more interested in a refreshing wine. Carlo’s Riesling was very good. Carlo’s son was also there pouring tastes of their maple syrup. It was fantastic! He was also very educated in the entire process of producing maple syrup and the different grades available. They only brought the amber with them to the festival. Here is a short video of Carlo very busy at the Bounty. Carlo is also a fellow blogger and you can read his blog about the Bounty at http://eastcoastwineries.blogspot.com/

I tried out a new video / still camera at the Bounty. I’ll publish more when I return.