Breakfast and wine. You don’t have to eat it at breakfast. Sometimes breakfast makes a good dinner. This blog post in is conjunction with WBW#53. What is WBW – it’s Wine Blogging Wednesday. Blogging with a theme. I am taking part in this with wine bloggers from all over the world.

This Wednesday Twisted Oak’s El Bloggo Torcido asked us to pair wine with breakfast food. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this pairing. Wine with Breakfast? There were also guidelines to his. Breakfast had to be paired with a dry red or white. Since I am not a big breakfast person, I had to put some thought into this. My friend Steve makes an fantastic Creme Brulee French Toast, so I decided to do some research and walla…a decision was made and recipe found. In keeping with Hudson Valley Wine- I decided to pair the Creme Brulee French Toast with Drunken Strawberries with an Adair Vineyards 2008 Nouveau.

The French Toast needs to be prepared the evening before. As I was preparing it, I realized I didn’t have any Grand Marnier. Since it was 9pm and the liquor stores were closed, I called a neighbor. (lifeline). My wonderful neighbor Kathy came to the rescue and I sent my son down the street in zero degree weather to fetch that bottle of Grand Marnier. Thank you Kathy!

Let me tell you first about the wine. The Adair Vineyards 2008 Nouveau is made from 100% Hudson Valley Grapes. It is 60% Frontenac, 30% Millot and 10% Foch. Before the Creme Brulee French Toast was ready, I tasted the wine. It was an earthy on the nose with a nice ruby color. It was light with hints of sour cherry. The sour cherry hung around under the tongue.

Now the French Toast has been baking in the oven and was ready to eat. The Strawberries also soaked in Grand Marnier over night. They were very tasty! Went wonderful on top of the French Toast or just right out of the bowl.

I sat down with my glass of Nouveau and Creme Brulee French Toast. I was impressed on the combination. Never thought I’d be drinking wine with my french toast no matter how gourmet the french toast is. The Nouveau stood up well with the french toast it became softer and the sour cherry that hung out under the tongue disappeared.

Thank you Jeff for creating an interesting combination for us to pair.