I sometimes wonder which way it’s more difficult to travel. In the past when I went out west, I was shot at 10pm the day I arrived. I don’t know if I should chalk it up to age, but I’ve learned to sleep on the flight which gives me renewed energy when I arrive.

I arrived in San Jose on Thursday evening. Diane picked me up and we went back to her place where we opened a Robert Sinsky 2oo1 Cab Franc. It was very good! If I remember correctly from when I visited the tasting room years back, it’s an organic winery. The wine was fantastic!!

The next morning promptly at 10am we were off on our road trip to Reno. We were going to see our friend “Uncle Wally” who is the band manager for REO Speedwagon.

We had dinner in the hotel with a bottle of Herrera wine. Market value $120. It was fantastic!!!! Well worth the price.
More to follow on the rest of my trip. Yes I did get to a few wineries in CA. Hopefully Diane got to UPS today to mail me my wine.