You know I’m not for self promotion, but every now and then I have to bring up my brand Happy Bitch Wines, especially when it’s the only wine with the word BITCH  made in the USA.

There was an article in the New York Times back in December 2011 that addressed wines with rude names.  It goes on with all the wines that have the word BITCH in it. Let’s take a look at them:  Bitch Wine – was previously made in Australia, then I heard it moved to Spain.  Sassy Bitch, Royal Bitch and Sweet Bitch are all products of Chile.

Happy Bitch is the only BITCH product made in the USA and from Finger Lakes, New York grapes by two hard working women Entrepreneurs whose goal is to create happiness with their brand.

Happy Bitch Wines is not just about wine, it’s about lifestyle.  Creating and living your life to the fullest beginning now!  Enjoy every moment and choose happiness as a way of life.

This July 4th celebrate our freedom and happiness with us.  Cheers!

**This will be the only post this week.  Enjoy the Holiday and I will be back on Monday. **