Chelois, until I received this sample from Hudson-Chatham Winery, I personally never heard or tasted wine made from this grape.  Being that this grape is new to me I did a little research and there isn’t that much out there on this particular grape.  I knew it was a hybrid, the pedigree is Seibel 5163 x Seibel 5593 and its origin is in Abeunas, Ardeche France.  The grape tends to bud late which is good in case there is a late spring frost. 
  The Chelois grapes were grown at Steve Casscles Vineyard in Hudson, NY and ws aged in French oak for 9 months.  Now knowing what to expect from this 2008 Chelois I was excited to try it. On the nose I got a bouquet of raspberry, cooked cherry, mushroom and a hint of vanilla.
Now for the taste.  I had no expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t acidic like some other red hybrids tend to be.  I found the wine light and soft with flavors of black cherry an cran-raspberry.
For a red hybrid, I really enjoyed this wine.  Good job Carlo and Steve.  I am looking forward to taste future vintages of their Chelois and will  now have a vintage to compare it to.