The Delaware grape is an American hybrid. While its dark purplish skin would make you think it produces red wine, it’s typically used in the production of white and rose wines.

For this episode of Winephabet Street we were joined by Abby Wilkens (Stamp), Assistant Winemaker at Lakewood Vineyards in Watkins Glen, New York. I first met Abby when she was 16 years old, helping at the New York Classic wine competition. I have watched her grow into the amazing winemaker she is today.

In 1951 the Stamp family purchased an old run-down peach and apple orchard called Lakewood Farm. They began planting grapes and selling them to the large wineries and grape juice companies. In 1988 Monty and Bev Stamp and their children pressed their first vintage.

It was our honor to have Abby join us. Please listen to the webinar or podcast. Learn about the Delaware grape, Abby and Lakewood Vineyards.

We got to taste Abby Rose, which is Abby’s namesake wine. It is a blend and has 15% Delaware. It is a sweet fun wine with candied and floral notes. On the palate you’ll find fruity notes of strawberry and other red fruit.