I’ve always appreciated people who have artistic talent.  When I was in college I was friends with a few graphic designers and illustrators (yes, Matt, Jeff, Pete I’m talking about you) and was always amazed by their work.  Unfortunately when they were giving out the creative gene, I wasn’t on that line.  Stick figures is it for me.

Now with Photoshop and Illustrator one can do wonders when you find your artistic ability you didn’t know you had. I am still shy on the creative gene, but Keryl is a wiz at designing and has great creative insight.  Designing a wine is a little more than a design.  It has to get TTB (Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) approval.

We knew we wanted bubbles on the label.  It has to contain of course the Happy Bitch logo, and all the other requirements by the Feds.  Then there is the back of the bottle.  We also have a special message for everyone on the bottle.  All of this has to be approved by the higher ups.

So now we sit here and wait…and wait….and wait….

Hopefully the approval will come soon and we will be able to bottle the chosen blend right after the Hudson Valley Wine Festival.

We will unveil the label and wine at the Launch Party on October 20 at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie.  Your invited, so don’t forget to purchase your ticket. Ticket cost is $65 and $10 of every ticket purchased will be donated to Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation.