You know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” well one shouldn’t judge a wine by it’s label.  While many people, especially women, purchase wines according to label, others have preconceived notions just by looking at the label.

I admit, I actually joined a wine club that I still belong to today back in 1998 because I liked their label. Guess what, what was under the cork was pretty good.

Let’s face it women account for 75% of wine sales and they approach wine differently.  The average women wine drinker isn’t scoring the wine, they purchased it to relax and enjoy the social connection.  Most women today are juggling work and home balancing act and see wine as a way of treating themselves. Many women buy by label BUT, it’s what is inside that brings them back to purchase more.

My question to you is how do you know what the wine tastes like under the cork if you haven’t indeed tried it. Just because the label is racy, what you might think in poor taste, do you think what’s inside is foxy and sweet?

I recently read some posts by other bloggers who write like they have tasted the wine.  Pass judgement and  assumptions when it is clear they haven’t popped the cork or twisted off the cap. (I live with someone of this mentality who actually judges a wine by its price.  If it’s under $15 it must be grapey. Do you know how many wines I’ve brought home for under $15 that were good? and how many over $15 that weren’t notable, quite a few) How do I know, because I’ve tasted the wines in question. A picture doesn’t always tell 1000 words on what’s under the cork.

If the label or price doesn’t work for you, don’t buy it.  BUT please, pop the cork, twist off the cap, taste the wine then pass your judgement.