You might be asking “What’s a Sommkit?” and I’ll tell you, it’s a great organizational tool for all, not just for folks in the wine industry.

I received the Sommkit from Protocol Wine Studio as a beta tester.  At first I thought, how can I use this and then I went to my wine bag. The wine bag I use for tastings when I am out with Happy Bitch Wines.  What did I realize…I live out of a baggie.  Yes a zip-lock baggie.  In that baggie I am always searching for things. Pretty unorganized and sad.
Enter Sommkit.  Organization at it’s best. There is a place for everything and it rolls up for easy storage. Everything at my fingertips and room for a few more items!

The only thing I would see for room for improvement is if I could wear it around my waist.  That would also be great for winery staff and the Somm at the restaurant.

If you are reading this and thinking, I don’t work at a winery….think about your entertaining habits. Instead of searching through that drawer in your kitchen for that corkscrew and wine charms, wouldn’t it be great to have it all together at your fingertips?  This is for you too and you will be Somm for the day!