As the snow fell yesterday, I decided to defrost a Rib Roast that I had in my freezer. A nice meal for the family. This wasn’t an ordinary Rib Roast I purchased at the grocery store. This rib roast was purchased from Kiernan Farms in Gardiner NY. I have to tell you I am not a roast cooker. The last roast I purchased from Kiernan Farms last year turned out fabulous! So I tried my hand at it again this year. I must add…not inexpensive but will worth it! If you had told me there was a difference between local grass fed beef and the beef I purchase at Adams or Price Chopper, I would have told you, you were nuts. However, I now have been converted to grass fed beef. Yes it does taste better. This roast came out fantastic!! Thank goodness for the temperature probe that came with my oven…it doesn’t let me overcook it.

As the roast was cooking we went into our wine cellar to open a bottle. Paul selected a 2003 Whitecliff Vineyards Merlot. I was skeptical because I like a red wine that’s more complex and full bodied with my roast, but I didn’t argue. The wine was light and had hints of berries. It did go well with the roast, but it wouldn’t have been my first choice. This Merlot would have also paired very well with a burger. Next time I think my husband should let the Wine Goddess choose the wineJ