This weekend the Shawangunk Wine Trail will host the “Around the World” in 80 miles. This is a wonderful event with wine and food tastings.

This event highlights different regions of the world’s food, paired with wines from the Shawangunk Wine Trail wineries. Wineries will be decorated as if you were walking into a winery from that designated country, and served a regional dish pair with their wines.

Participants will arrive at their starting winery where they will receive their Passport and wine glass. As they pass through customs (check-in) they will get their passport stamped, a food sampling of the cuisine, and taste the wines produced from the winery. All eleven wineries on the Shawangunk Wine Trail will be participating.

This year the countries being represented are Stoutridge Vineyards – France; Palaia Vineyards – Spain; Whitecliff Winery – Mexico; Benmarl Winery – Native America; Glorie Farm Winery – Cuba; Brotherhood Winery – Ireland; Brimstone Hill Winery – Sweden; Applewood Winery – Egypt; Baldwin Vineyards – Italy;, Adair Vineyards – South Africa and Warwick Valley Winery – Thailand.

Tickets for this event are $25 plus tax in advance and buys a Passport with Visas for each “country” good for the day purchased, and a souvenir Wine Trail etched wine glass. Event tickets include tasting fees at all eleven wineries and gourmet food tasting. The event starts at 10 am each day and runs until 6pm. Your travels must begin at your designated starting winery.

Some of the starting wineries are sold out for Saturday. That means you just can’t begin the day there, since they only have enough passports and glasses for the people who signed up to begin at that winery. After you begin at YOUR starting winery you can go to all the wineries on the trail in whatever order you would like.

Hint…if you can attend the event on Sunday, it will be less crowded. You will have more of a chance to go 1:1 with the owner/winemaker.

Advance tickets are on sale until Thursday. Ticket sales will end at 6pm. For Sunday tickets use this coupon and receive $10 off your ticket.

Here are pictures from last year.

Around the World 2008