It was just a few weeks ago that I told my parents about my new venture with Happy Bitch Wines. They were very excited for me.  Even though dad was a beer drinker, if I didn’t have a Bud in the house, he settled for a glass of wine.  Wine is better for gout anyway, I told him.

I had hoped to write about our next set of blending trials that were scheduled for last Thursday but on Monday my dad passed away after a brief illness.  Blending trials were cancelled and my week was turned upside down.

I learned so much from my dad and he made me the person I am today.  To learn learn a little about my background and my dad click here for the obit.

I will be heading to the American Society of Wine Educators conference today in Rhode Island.  I will be taking  some wonderful seminars and look forward to sharing the information with you when I return.  By next week, I should be back on track.

I leave you with a “cult” movie my dad made.  So grab your “cult” wine, sit back, relax and enjoy (and yes, it’s okay to laugh).