You, the extraordinary woman, became our profile to create Happy Bitch Wine. What, in our minds, defines an extraordinary woman? an extraordinary wine!
With that in mind, we sat at the tasting table.  Me, Paul, Keryl, Craig and the Winemaster. Ten groupings sat in front of us, each the different dosage, but with different base blends.  Group A was all the same base Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and Group B was Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Let the fun begin!  That’s 10 different blends to try.  Got to remember to spit!
Here are some of my tasting notes:

Appearance: Orangish, Salmon, Medium Salmon, Rougher, Orange,
Nose: Smarties, Sweeter – more aroma, nice-upbeat,
Taste: Dry – too dry, more flavor, flavor better than A but could be more, little sweeter, nice mouth feel, nice flavor, to sweet.

Paul’s comments were a bit different: He didn’t comment on the appearance.  Guess that is a girl thing. 

Nose: pear to melon, musty at first, fruity, dark fruit, candied, clean, fresh, strawberry, flat, clean
Taste: dry, citrus finish, not much fruit, tannic, slightly acidic, better balance, much 
heavier, flat, slightly , balance, sweet, no acidity, sweet.

Craig’s notes were better nose, great mouth feel, floral

Keryl’s tasting notes were are pulled from emotion: fun, fruity, happy and yummy!  Ok…she knows what she likes and wants to have fun with it!

Once we decided that 4A met our criteria we set up an appointment for tasting # 2.  At this tasting we will be deciding on the three blends to bring with us to the Hudson Valley Wine Fest.  It is at the festival that you yes YOU, will decide on the first blend.