It’s the season where you have to think hard for some good gifts for your friends and family.  Since we just purchased a boat (yes, what were we thinking) and I travel to California at least once if not more times a year, I thought I would focus on gifts for the wine traveler and boater. 

I don’t know about you but there is always that challenge of purchasing, shipping or bubble wrapping your wine and hope it doesn’t break due to rough handling of your suitcase when I travel.  Sometimes it’s cheaper to check and pay the $25 for your wine and carry on your clothes that it is to have that case of wine shipped.

I will tell you I did purchase this Vingarde Valise wine suitcase (and carried on my clothes) and it worked beautifully! This suitcase will hold 12 750ml bottles and you can also purchase inserts for magnums. If you purchase more than a case of wine, you’ll have to decide which bottles you want UPS to take and which bottles you want to carry home. Well worth the investment and the wino that travels will love it!

For the boater in your life a Savino will hold the wine and preserve it in the carafe.  This Savino is shatterproof so you can pour the wine into it and bring it to the boat or pour it on the boat and dispose of the bottle so when you hit that wake the wine bottle won’t shatter on the floor.

To drink that wine from the Savino I would suggest Goverre glass.  These are a portable stemless wine glass with a silicone sleeve and sippy cup lid. The Goverre is glass, but thicker than your typical wine glass and has the silicone sleeve so it doesn’t slip when you put it on the table.  It comes in some nice pretty colors, perfect for the boat.