It’s college graduation this weekend in my house.  My daughter is graduation from Johnson & Wales with a degree in Hospitality Management. She is lucky because this is her second graduation event,
she finished her undergrad in February, a trimester early and this weekend she gets to walk across the stage and get her college diploma. She is staying on to complete her MBA so I guess the final final graduation will be next May.  Right now we are talking this year and what we are going to celebrate with.


We celebrated in February with our friends that are family and live close to us in Cape May. This weekend we will be celebrating with family that will be traveling to Providence.

What wines did I serve, will I serve and will I gift to the graduate?

The first graduation event we had a nice dinner at the Ebbitt Room in the Virginia Hotel.  This hotel is where Melanie use to work and did her internship. In my opinion The Ebbitt Room seems to be the only restaurant in Cape May with a decent wine list.

We began with a toast with Taittinger Champagne and served 2011 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon from the the Alexander Valley.

Celebration #2 will be at Bravo Brasserie and will begin with Martini & Rossi Prosecco.  Since it is lunchtime and not a ‘formal’ dinner, I think I will let everyone choose their beverage of choice especially since some people will be driving 3 hours home afterwards.

What kind of wine do I give the graduate?  Like many 21 year olds, Mel began her journey into the wine world liking the sweeter wines. I have seen her palate mature to now dry but fruity white wines. I think what’s in order is to give her a sampling of some nice white and rose wines for the upcoming summer. You can bet there will be some Albarino in there as that is one of my new favorite white wines.  As for the reds, she’s not that thrilled with them yet, so  I’ll introduce them to her slowly during the course of the next year. By the next graduation I’ll be giving her a bottle of something red for aging.