Today’s my moms birthday and no I won’t tell you how old she is.  I know she reads my blog, so a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!  

Mom prefers Pinot Grigio and that will be my next in search of after I find a  Rosé that I like. I am not keen on the varietal, but mom is.   For MOM, this Pinot Grigio review is for you. 

I stopped on the way home yesterday from picking up my CSA at Valley Wine’s and Spirits in Pleasant Valley.  It’s a nice boutique liquor store and I really liked Ned and Lee who I believe are the owners.  Lucky for them they are right next door to where I get my haircut.  Lee suggested a few California Pinot Grigio’s but I wanted something different, not from a large CA producer.  Lee told me he likes this due Torri 2010 Pinot Grigio, Delle Venezie, so a purchase was made at $9.99 and brought home to chill.

In the glass the wine had a nice straw color.  The bouquet was fruity to begin with, but as it opened up and warmed up the fruit becomes distant with a slight mineral nose.  

As I sat on the deck drinking this wine while the sun was setting, I found it had a soft mineral, wet stone palate. I didn’t get much fruit.  There was a hint of citrus on the finish, more like lemon rind.  

Did I like the wine?  It was okay. Since I don’t drink much of this varietal, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I do know that I will begin to seek out Pinot Grigio from other areas of the world to try and compare.  I just might come across one that I like.

In any event, Happy Birthday MOM!