We’ve come a long way in a few months and you have all been with us every step.  Now it’s time to determine what blend we will produce.  Join us at Booth 45 at the Hudson Valley Wine Festival this weekend for the debut of Happy Bitch Wines and taste 3 different blends and vote for the one you like best.

Come say hi to me and Keryl.  Taste the different blends and vote.  We have some fun things planned for you.

There will be two girls at the glass counter (my daughter Melanie one of them) to hand you a card to remind you to visit us.  Don’t throw the card away, the flip side is your invite to the big Launch Party on October 20th.  (and don’t forget to wish Melanie a Happy Birthday as her birthday is Tuesday – I love embarrassing her!)  You can find our booth by looking for this banner in Building B.

Keryl and Craig will be pouring Saturday (yes, we do allow husbands to help every now and then) until I finish up with the Hudson Valley Wine Competition.  Then it’s Keryl and I, together for the remainder of the festival.

Although we won’t have any wine to sell, yes you have to wait until the Launch Party, Keryl will have some copies of her book Happy Bitch for purchase.  I bet if you are a Happy Bitch she will even autograph it for you.

We’ll see you this weekend at the Hudson Valley Wine Festival.  If you want to purchase tickets in advance so you don’t have to wait on any lines click here.