Just back from the Society of Wine Educators conference in Rhode Island, and Keryl just back from vacation there is no time to waste.  It was time for tasting trials #2 of Happy Bitch Frizzante.

At this tasting we were going to narrow down the color, sweetness, flavor and aroma. There were two samples that the Winemaster developed for us based on our last tasting trials. A little cheese and crackers and we were set to taste.

Keryl did the honors of opening the first selection.  We compared the selections that were prepared for us to the selections we like from the first tasting trials.  We poured the two new selections in our glass and began the tasting evaluation.  It was quiet.  We swirled and sipped.  OMG I exclaimed, there is no fizz in this.  There were other comments that went around.  To sweet, little dryer, no nose, lacking flavor.  We were very disappointed!  However, all wasn’t lost on the evening, we did agree on the color.

First item on Sunday’s agenda was to let the Winemaster know of our disappointment and send him back to the lab to create something that will give us a WOW factor.  We’re tough bitches! Nobody said creating a wine was going to be easy.

Remember – Happy Bitch Wines will be at the Hudson Valley Wine Festival, September 10 & 11 with two or three of the tasting trial blends for you to vote on.  The winning blend is what we will produce.  If you are in the area, make sure you stop at the festival and visit us in Booth 45 and cast your vote.