Today is Malbec World Day, the day to drink Malbec.

This celebration all began on April 17, 2011 when the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Wines of Argentina organized events in 45 cities and 36 countries.

Get to know Malbec. Make Malbec your date for the evening.

Originating in France, Malbec is one of the six components in red Bordeaux blends.  In Cahors, France it is grown and known as Cot, but in Argentina the climate and soil seems to bring out the best in the grape.  It is grown in other regions of the world too.

Here in the United States, Malbec is grown in Long Island, NY, California, Oregon, New Jersey, Washington and Virginia. (I might have missed a few places)

Generally speaking the Malbec grape is a very inky black color and will impart flavors of blackberry and plum on your palate. Overall the region where the grape is grown, the terrior will effect the taste of the wine produced.

Grab a bottle or two of Malbec today from different regions of the world.  See how they vary, see the similarities.  After all it is the same grape.

Have a Malbec evening and share with me your Malbec story.