Jan from Palaia Vineyards sent me a note about their Cab Franc and Lemerger harvest.   In Jan’s words ” It was a windy and cold day to pick, but beautiful when the sun came out on the orange leaves on the edges of the vineyard.  There is nothing better than the smells of fall in the vineyard, and we let the public come and help pick at least once during the harvest season so they can enjoy the same experience.  Now it is time to wrap up the vineyard for the winter and concentrate on making the best wine we can.  Put away the picking lugs and bins, mow and fix fences, wash and wrap the press and crusher, and start thinking about getting ready for snow!”

The Lemberger cam in with brix of 21 and TA of 7.2.  The Cab Franc numbers were brix of 21.5 and TA of 5.0.