As we begin the new year I was shocked to find out that Ben Peacock who is co-owner and winemaker at Tousey Winery in Germantown, NY is battling Burkitts Lymphoma.

Ben and his wife Kimberly are wonderful people and they have 3 beautiful young children.  I have been privileged to know Ben and Kimberly and see them make great strides (as well as a family) to make Tousey Winery one of the Hudson Valley’s premier wineries.

They take great pride in their winemaking and their family. You enter their tasting room and you’re family.  The last time I was up there, sadly was about a year ago and Ben was so proud of his first sparkling wine (pictured above).

I had brought my college housemate (yes we go back many years) who was visiting from Florida and Ben treated us to tank and barrel tastings. That was a real treat for Maureen. To see Ben’s proud look on his face and excitement about the vintages gave me such warm fuzzies and filled me with such pride to know that I’ve been with them from the beginning and have seen them blossom to what they are today.

If you know, dealing with cancer SUCKS!!  I know first hand as a very close friend dealt with and lost a 3 year battle with breast cancer.  To have your friends and family support so that you can be with your spouse, hold their hand and know your children are taken care of means the world.

If you know or have visited Tousey Winery and feel a connection you can help Ben with his fight.  I hope the Hudson Valley wine community will get behind them and help them as we begin to enter another growing season.

To the Tousey family, we send you all the strength to get through this!!!

To help with his fight please visit