Now that the weather has turned and we are looking to pass the winter doing some fun activities. How about hosting a wine tasting party with a wine expert.

To get started you will want to hire a Sommelier. Interview them to see what their experience is and what they charge. Some Sommeliers charge by the event, some charge by the hour. Get the contract in writing.

Next sit down with the Sommelier and tell him/her of your expectations. A good wine evening will take you to some unexplored territory, but should be fun and not to technical. If the bottles aren’t coming from your own cellar, make sure you set a budget. One 750ml bottle of wine contains about 12 two ounce tasting pours. If you are looking for glass of wine with dinner, one bottle will give you about 4 glasses. Talk about the menu you will be planning should you be serving a meal or tapas. This is so you will have the proper wine pairings.

Glassware….if you are going to use your own glassware, plan on at least two glasses per guests. Many sommeliers can also bring glassware at an additional charge.

Provide dump buckets. Don’t be insulted if your guest spit, they might not want to drink every single selection.

Most of all, have fun.