If you travel into the tasting rooms of some Hudson Valley Wineries you will see wine labeled “Hudson Heritage.” You may ask what is a Hudson Heritage Wine and how did it received it’s classification.

The Hudson Valley Wine &; Grape Association came up with two blends; a white and red that have certain specifications and designated them “Hudson Heritage White, Hudson Heritage Red.

The blending of the grapes used are specific to the Hudson Valley Region and MUST be grown the Hudson Valley AVA. The grapes of designation which you will see below are all hybrid grapes that grow very well in the Hudson Valley.

Hudson Heritage White: Must consist of 70-85% Seyval. The rest of the blend can use the following grapes in any percentage: Vidal, Vignoles, Cayuga and Traminette. The wine can have up to 2% residual sugar and malolactic fermentation can not be used. No oak barrels, chips or staves. A Hock style bottle must be used..

Hudson Heritage Red:  This wine must consist of a blend of the following grapes: Noriet 35-55%, Dechaunac 35-55% and 20-30% can be other red hybrids.  You can age this wine in oak and must be less than 1% of residual sugar.  Malolactic fermentation is allowed.  A Burgundy style bottle is used.