Brotherhood Winery harvested Riesling for Eiswein or how many people refer to it Ice Wine this past Saturday.  Not many wineries in the Hudson Valley produce ice wine.

The first time I was exposed to ice wine was in Ontario Canada.  The girl at Jackson Triggs explained to us how they harvest ice wine in January.  It is done in the middle of the night and ends just as the sun rises.  Brotherhood chose to harvest the Riesling for their Eiswein at 9am. There was only 6 rows of grapes harvested.  The vineyard is located in Hudson NY  on the banks of the Hudson River.  After harvesting, they are transported to the winery in Washingtonville, NY for processing.

As you can see from the pictures some of the grapes have Botrytis.  It is those grapes the will be much sweeter. I did get a chance to taste some of the grapes and they were very sweet.  They will make a nice Ice Wine!  The wine produced from this harvest will be in limited supply.