Tomorrow is Halloween and all weekend is a celebration of some kind.  For some reason this is my least favorite holiday.  Maybe it’s because my mother always dressed us in those cheap costumes that came in a box with the plastic masks.  Even as an adult, I just never became creative when it comes to Halloween.

I now find myself invited to the Brotherhood Winery Halloween Ball tonight.  Do I have a costume…NO.  Maybe I will go as myself – the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess?  I have a hat that says identifies me.  I wish I never got rid of those overalls.  I am looking forward to the party in their cellars.  They are kind of creepy and will create a good atmosphere for an spooky evening.

If you are going to the Ball – I am sure you will be able to spot me, the most uncreative one dressed as herself.

If you can’t make it to the Halloween Ball at Brotherhood tonight, you can attend the Halloween Party at Benmarl Winery on Saturday.  That event begins at 7pm.

One Halloween party is about all I can go for this weekend.  I’ll be home on Saturday handing out the candy to the Trick-or-Treaters and drinking a nice glass of wine in the comfort of my family room.