Tuesday evening at the Thayer Hotel on the grounds of West Point was the preview for the 2009 Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. Since I represent Hudson Valley Wine Country, I was there with my wonderful display, pouring wines from wineries that were gracious enough to supply me with an inventory of wine for the restaurant owners and chefs to taste to serve during Restaurant Week.

First I must tell you who is in the picture with me, as I was asked/told to stand with these two handsome chefs for a picture opportunity. I felt extremely old. If it wasn’t so cold out that day, I would have worn something more appealing. I look like a frumpy old lady. The handsome chefs next to me were Chef Eric Gabrynowicz of Tavern and Vincent Barcelona of Harvest on the Hudson. Both are advisors of

Restaurant Week. I feel honored! I wonder if I will show up on the cover of “The Valley Table” with these two hunks.

The brain child behind Restaurant Week is Janet Crawshaw of “The Valley Table.” The purpose of this evening was to introduce the chefs of the Hudson Valley to the Wines and other products of the Hudson Valley to use in their restaurant during Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week’s main focus is using Hudson Valley ingredients, whether it’s, veggies, meat, or wine in the recipes, or in the case of wine also available to the patrons on their wine list. It’s one price – $28.09 for a three course dinner or $20.09 for a three course lunch at the participating restaurants.

I was there pouring wine with my wonderful husband Paul, whom I couldn’t have done it without! We were pouring wines from Whitecliff Winery, Brotherhood Winery, Glorie Farm Winery, Baldwin Vineyards, and Clinton Vineyards. It was a nice representation of Hudson Valley Wines.

We had an variety of wines ranging from Sparkling Wine, Seyval Blanc’s, Chardonnay,Rieslings, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignons to dessert wines such as Cassis. All wine selections were very well received.

I do hope to see the wines I poured on the wine list at the various restaurants during Restaurant Week.