The Hudson Valley is home to over 25 wineries and now home to 3 wine/beverage trails.  Opening April 10,  The Hudson-Berkshire Beverage Trail  is home to 3 wineries, a distillery and a brewery.  The beverage trail runs from just south of Albany, New York to Hudson, New York and extends 44 miles. 

Founding members of the Hudson-Berkshire Beverage Trail are  Brookview Station Winery located in Castleton-on-Hudson, NY, Hudson-Chatham Winery located in Hudson, NY, Harvest Spirits located in Valatie, NY, & Chatham Brewing in Chatham, NY.  Opening to the public on April 10 and joining the beverage trail is Tousey Winery in Germantown, NY.

When asked “Why a beverage trail,” Carlo DeVito, owner of Hudson-Chatham Winery responded

“We chose a beverage trail because Harvest Spirits and Chatham Brewing are two exceptional establishments in the county. Core Vodka has won numerous awards, and Chatham Brewing is sold in numerous restaurants throughout the state, including New York City. We can now offer incredibly exciting, quality expereince to the consumer. What other beverage trail features hand-crafted, small batch ales, artisanal vodka, applejack, eau d’vie, as well as gold medal winning classic vinifera and hybrid wines as well as gold medal winning fruit wines? No wine or beverage trail can boast that kind of gourmet fire power.” 

The trail plans to host three to four events a year.  A spring event, a wine festival at the Columbia County Fair Grounds and a holiday event.  

April 10 is opening day, and I will be reporting from the festivities.