It’s all about giving back.  Since becoming a wine blogger many years ago it gives me great pleasure to be able to give another wine blogger a chance by donating to the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship Fund. This will give a wine blogger a chance to learn, network and build relationships within the wine community. 

The Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship was founded in 2009 by Thea Dwelle, to provide well established “citizen bloggers” with a stipend so they can attend the wine bloggers conference, further their knowledge, their network, the wine blogging community and the wine industry as a whole.

Unfortunately, not all who wish to attend can afford the costs associated with the conference and the scholarship was established to assist in this effort.  The citizen blogger scholarship recipients are bloggers who are not affiliated with a winery or other company in the wine industry with a demonstrated financial need. Specific attention is paid to bloggers who post regularly, have never attended the conference before and who might be students with a particular focus in wine.

To qualify for the scholarship applicants are asked to describe their blog, their financial need pertaining to the conference, and why they are deserving of sponsorship. Stipends are awarded through a committee selection process based on the above mentioned focus criteria.

The Wine Bloggers Conference will be held August 17-19, 2012 as hundreds of wine bloggers, new media leaders, and wine industry members will gather in Portland, Oregon for the fifth annual North American Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC).

Thanks to a partnership with Enobytes, the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship Fund is accepting donations as a 501(c) non profit organization. This means, that you can donate to the scholarship fund TAX FREE (subject to your tax professional’s advice of course). Donations are accepted via our donor page personal or corporate check (please let us know if you prefer this option as there are some specific rules for the 501c).

If you have any spare change around and would like to send a wine blogger to wine camp contact  You’ll feel good about yourself and be glad you did!