Here in the East we have been dealt a heck of a hand this winter.  On a recent icy day, I opened a bottle of Inniskillen 2007 Cabernet Franc Ice Wine.

What is really my loss is that I went to college in Buffalo NY and would visit the Canadian side of the Falls quite frequently.  Never did drive around the bend to Lake Niagara and the wine.  Looking back, I wish I had, but back then I was more of a Brador and Extra Stock drinker (beer).  So trips across the border would land us at the beer distributor on the “scenic route” to the Falls and not in the tasting rooms.

Now back to the wine.  I had the opportunity to visit Inniskillin a few years back on a family trip to Niagara Falls.  However, this wine was a gift from a neighbor who went up for a visit over the summer.

This wine had a bouquet of sour cherry, plum and strawberry.  On the palate I found red berry, strawberry with a nice acid and sweetness balance.  It wasn’t a syrupy wine, not to sweet and a very nice texture.

I am looking forward to visiting again in May when I attend TasteCamp.