As we head into fall this is going to be my last Rosé review.  While I haven’t found a Rosé that totally WOWed me, I will keep searching.
We end with Inspire Moore Winery’s 2010 Grace .  “The Babysitter” Chrystal picked this up for me at a festival she was working at, so it was only fitting that I invited her over to share it with me.  
This 2010 Rosé spent 48 hours on the skins.  The color is that of  maraschino cherry juice.  It was a much deeper pink/red than I expected.
The aroma of the wine matched the color with the maraschino cherry, lots of berry and soft vanilla.
The palate was bursting with berry, a hint of sweetness and finished with a tart cherries.
This Rosé paired very well with the mussels we had.  I would give this a WO\ on the WOW meter.