Friends of ours Dave and Mary, invited us over one Sunday afternoon  to taste SIN – Summer in Napa, A Rosé wine produced by Trefethen Family Vineyards.  Mary knows I am in search of Rosé this summer and they belong to the Trefethen wine club and it was wonderful that they thought to share this selection with us.  Tasting was complete with Trefethen glasses, the only item missing was the view of vineyards from the back deck.

SIN – Summer in Napa is a Rosé of Pinot Noir. Bright strawberry color that goes along with the bouquet of fresh strawberries was achieved by soaking on the skins for 12 hours.

This nicely balanced wine had flavors of fresh cranberry and strawberry.    The long finish of fresh strawberry lingered on your palate.

This was a nice refreshing Rosé that was perfect on a hot summer afternoon.  Thank you Dave and Mary for inviting us over and introducing us to an afternoon of Trefethen.