I’m participating in a three week educational program on Le Marche, Italy which takes place on twitter Tuesday evenings. For the next three weeks we will discover together what the Italian region of Le Marche holds and I will be sharing it with you.

When one thinks about going to a wine region in Italy, the first thing that comes to their mind is Tuscany. Well, there is more to italy than Tuscany. If you want to get some history and be away from the crowds and taste some great wine, head over to Le Marche. Le Marche is one of Italy’s last untouched regions, now let’s explore.

Where is the Le Marche region?  It’s between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany looking North, Abruzzo vand Lazio to the South.  They share the Apennines with Umbria on the west and stretches to the Adriatic Sea to the East.

Here is what Le March offers:

  • Skiing in the winter
  • Ancient Villages, medieval towns and cultural centers
  • Rolling hills
  • Sandy and log beaches to rocky and hidden ones
  • Vineyards and Wine
  • Rolling Hills and Valleys
  • Olive Groves
  • Great cuisine
  • Music
  • Manufacturing and Leather Goods
What to know about Italian Law when in Le Marche: Don’t forget your receipt.  Italian law requires that you always take your receipt with you from restaurants, bars and shops. The aim is to stop sales tax fraud and plain-clothed tax inspectors do stop people outside places and can fine them if they don’t have a proper receipt. 


Food to try:

  • Lonza (salt-cured fillet of pork)
  • Ciauscolo (soft, spreadable pork salae)
  • Tagliatelle with sugo (meat sauce) 
  • Vincisgrassi (baked lasagna without the tomatoes.)
  • Passatelli (strands of pasta made from breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese and egg cooked in broth)
  • Piccione Ripieno (stuffed pigeons) Not sure if I could try that.
  • Coniglio in Porchetta (rabbit cooked with fennel.)
  • Lumache (stewed snails)
  • Brodetto on the coast (fish stew made with 13 species of fish)
  • Piadina in the northern region. (flat unleavened bread served with cold meats at roadside snack bars)
  • Formaggio di fossa (strong flavored cheese aged by being walled up in limestone holes in the ground)
For more information on the Le Marche are I would suggest visiting http://www.le-marche.com/ When you are planning your trip, don’t forget to invite me 🙂 
Next week we will talk about the wine.