Last week Amazon had Pandora’s Bottle on a free download.  Unfortunately this interview with Joanne didn’t air until afterwards.  I have to disclose, Joanne is my cousin.  Yes, we are pretty close.  I helped her a bit with the book and am very proud of her.

I hooked her up with Bob and Linda at Flint Mine Press which is also the publisher of Hudson Valley Magazine and they published Pandora’s Bottle.  The book takes place in New York City and the Hudson Valley.    It’s about a bottle of wine and girl, but there is a huge twist. There is even a touch of my family history in the book.  I won’t tell you, you have see if you can find the bits and pieces and let me know.

The book is available on Amazon, but listen to Joanne’s interview on what inspired her to write it.  Click here to listen to the interview.