At Sun Winefest we had the opportunity to do an extensive tasting with Pam at J. Lohr. We seem to run into Pam frequently, so we are all on a first name basis. A few years ago, while in Paso Robles she arranged a wonderful tasting for us at J. Lohr.

Back to the wine. I will review the whites that we tasted first.

Carol’s Vineyard Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc – This Sauvignon Blanc is in par with my view of most Sauvignon Blanc’s from California. It was nice, but not crisp and grapefruity like I like. It did have hints of minerals and was grassy. I was a good California Sauvignon Blanc, but I tend to like the New Zealand’s better.

Arroyo Vista Vineyard Arroyo Seco Chardonnay – This Chardonnay went through the malolactic fermentation. This wine had delicate peach aromas with vanilla and toasty oak on the finish. It was a very nice Chardonnay.

Riverstone Chardonnay – I really liked this one. The finish was a strong lingering butterscotch flavor. It was pretty incredible. It also ad nectarine and peach on the aromas, balanced by a vanilla and toasty oak bouquet. This wine was aged for 6 months in new French and American oak.

Bay Mist Riesling – This Riesling was sweet – about 4% residual sugar. It was a nice Riesling and would go very well with a spicy dish. It had aromas of apricot, lychee and coconut. It has a natural spritz which is produced from a long, cool fermentation.