It’s a new year and time to try some new things.

One of the things I most enjoy is getting together on twitter with people and discussing wine, wine topics and food. I feel like I’m sitting in my living room with some of my closest friends. Through the years we have gotten to know each other and some of us have met in person. These are friendships and times I cherish. I always look forward to Tuesday with #winestudio and Wednesday with #winechat.

I want to bring this to you, my readers, my supporters, my friends and anyone that enjoys wine.  A time to hang-out in the comfort of your home or where ever you might be and discuss the contents in the bottle and perhaps a food pairing or two.

I want you to join me on the first Monday of the month at 8pm ET  on BLAB beginning tonight. Open yourself a bottle of wine, pour a glass and join the conversation.  We’ll talk about what’s in your glass, if you like it and food that may pair well with it and just have a good time.

Then moving forward, I’ll choose a wine such as a Pinot Noir from Oregon.  Since wine is distribution is different in every state, I leave it up to you to choose your bottle.  All I ask is that you keep it under $20.  Then we’ll get together and discuss what we purchased, the price point, how it tastes, some food pairings that should go well with it and most of all if we like it or not and why.

Everyone has a different palate, so it will be nice to see the different wine brands and opinions we all have.  Remember, there is nothing right or wrong.

Join me tonight at 8pm ET and we’ll begin the year in Wine Time.