This is the last edition of the Kitchen Wine Series for 2020. Unfortunately, the kitchen has closed. The property did not have real estate for outdoor dining and with the New Jersey restrictions with indoor dining we were barely keeping the lights on, let alone not meeting our rent. To give you an idea, we made 10% of our annual gross sales this year. Take-out, if we did 3 to 5 orders a night that was a lot. There were evenings we didn’t even receive any orders. Indoor dining we legally had the capacity for 11 based on our occupancy, but could stretch it to 18 with everyone being 6 feet a part and in the restaurant all at the same time. We were lucky if we had 8 people.We had many cancellations once people found out there was no outdoor seating. Be it as it may, we decided to close before our losses got to great. We do plan on reopening at another location if we find one suitable for us in 2021.

We went out with a bang with Caymus Vineyard’s 2012 40th Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine was sent to me to participate in Caymus’s 40th anniversary celebration, however, FedEx had other ideas for this wine. I didn’t receive the wine until a week after the event, but I saved it for a special occasion.

This special occasion was toasting the end of 3 good years in Stone Harbor. Family owned vineyard, family owned restaurant. Even though we had to close, we have met so many wonderful people, had some great times, great wine dinners and created friendships that will last a lifetime.

This wine when poured screams excitement. The dark red wine with purple hues says juicy plum. It’s an incredible and complex tasting wine! Vanilla, oak, hardcore plum, dark fruit, black currant, tobacco and a hint of chocolate on the finish. WOW! I savored every sit.

Chef’s Pairing Suggestions: Gus had one word “Big juicy steak! Stilton Blue Cheese too. If you’ve had Gus’s steak – he prepares it with Stilton on top. That will be an amazing pairing.