Godello isn’t a grape or wine your will automatically reach for in the wine store unless you are going in specifically for it. It’s a great wine and you shouldn’t overlook it. I especially like bringing in wines like this to taste with Chef because it’s a great learning experience for him too. He’s been in the business for over 25 years, like Paul and I are learning about food, food prep, methods and presentation, Chef is expanding his knowledge on wine.

Godello is a white wine grape grown in the Valdeorras region of Galicia, Spain. If you don’t care for Chardonnay but are looking for a white wine to pair with your seafood or chicken, this is the grape I would look for.

Pagos del Galir Godello 2018 spends 4 months aging on its lees in stainless steel tanks. It’s fresh and sliky, light bodied with medium to high acidity. You can taste a bit of the salinity along with lemon curd and a touch of creaminess on the mouth feel. That comes from the aging on the lees.

When we drank this wine, Chef had just brought some fish in, in anticipation of us opening up the dining room. While that didn’t happen, he test drove a piece of North Carolina Sea Trout and Georges Bank Scallops. He just seasoned it up and put it on a plate for me to try. Nothing fancy. OMG was it great with the wine!

This is what the dish looks like plated with clams over jasmine rice with poached leak and carrots in a tarragon miso fumet. Entree price $33, wine price $21. (dinner plated for my son who came in to visit)