One of the things I love about participating in these #winestudio educational tastings is what I learn and observe.  This was our last week with Le Marche, Italy.  Producer we tasted was Rio Maggio.  We tasted two wines from them just like the Centenni but these were quite different.

Rio Maggio’s began in 1976 with  the founder Graziano Santucci. He had a passion for vineyards and winemaking.  Today his son Simone along with his wife Tiziana run the company with vineyards planted in two D.O.C. regions of Le Marche. They are planted between the districts of Ascoli Piceno and Macerata: Rosso Piceno and Falerio dei Colli Ascolani.

The first wine tasted was the Colle Monteverde Pecorino. Fermentation for this wine takes place in stainless steel and then remains on the lees until March.  Once they bottle the wine it ages between 45 and 60 days.

The flavor profile on this Pecorin was very different than the previous one tasted last week.  It wasn’t as vibrant.  That has to do with the wine sitting on the lees.  Same grape but two different styles.

Aromas of banana and red apples leads to a palate of meyer lemon, pineapple and shows some minerality.

If I was to compare this Pecorino to the one last week, I would say the Centanni was the wild child and the Rio Maggio is the more mature and reserve child.

Two days after the tasting I came home from work, hungry and wanting a glass of wine.  I poured the Rio Maggio Pecorino into a glass and munched on some Claussen Dill Pickles and potato chips.  When I went to take a sip of the Pecorino I stopped and thought, I just had a dill pickle and this is going to make the wine taste terrible.  WRONG.  The pairing went well together.  I couldn’t believe it!  Then I began eating the chips, once again it complimented the wine.  I was so surprised!

SRP $24

The second wine tasted was Trio Maggio Rosso Piceno.  This wine was 70% Montepulciano and 30% Sangiovese blend.  The fermentation last between 12 to 15 days on the skins and then is put into both new and used French oak for 8 to 10 months.  After bottling the wine will rest in the bottles for another 4 to 6 months.

Aromas of black cherry, clove and tea filled the glass.  Plum, a hint of earth and black spice on the finish filled my palate.

This wine I paired with a grilled hamburger with gorgonzola. It was a great pairing.

SRP $24

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